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Local Residential Properties

Full House, first and foremost, is a local business. We operate primarily in Paarl and the surrounding areas, working within your community and beyond it to find you the best buyer or renter for your property. 


Our local residential property services take you through the full process, from getting your property on the market to the completion of sale.


You’ll be advised by our experts on local market conditions, legal requirements, bond options, and other sales-related factors. Our aim is to ensure a smooth sale for all parties involved. As well as sustainable and mutually beneficial rental agreements. 

Local Commercial Properties

We work with a large range of commercial properties – both in the investment, planning and building process, and in sales. 


We offer sales and rentals of any commercial property, ensuring a high return-on-investment both for the buyer and the seller. Consult with one of our experts, and we’ll use your business objectives, budget, and other factors to find the perfect space for your company. 


Whether you’re looking to buy, rent or sell your commercial space, contact us. We pride ourselves in connecting the right people.


For those looking to sell or buy retail space, we cover all the little details and connect the right parties. From a small retail store to a fully zoned shopping mall.


Whether your company is a small team of 5 or 500 people strong, we’ll work to find you a space that promotes an effective, happy team.


We offer real estate sales and rental for all industrial property. Whether it’s zoned for light, medium or heavy industry.

International REAL ESTATE

Find beautiful International properties

International Properties

If you’re looking to expand beyond South Africa, we also keep a sharp eye on international investment opportunities and property for our clients. 


We offer real estate ventures and sales internationally, working with a nomadic team that can ensure a solid investment, no matter where you are in the world. This is a fantastic way to diversify your investment portfolio while keeping everything under one roof. 


Our international real estate selections include both commercial and residential investments, so your options are unlimited.

Commercial Investments

It can be really difficult to find commercial real estate internationally, with different laws, requirements, and opportunities. We’ll do the hard part for you.

Residential Investments

Find the perfect home or investment anywhere in the world. We can look into the property laws, finances, and possibilities for return-on-investment in your countries of choice, and find the best space for you.

Golden Visas

Invest in beautiful international properties and earn a permanent residency in various countries, including Spain, Italy, and Greece. We work to make the process seamless and easy.

Disclaimer: Full House falls under Charles Edward Properties, an authorized property selling entity.

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